Are you familiar of bonsai plants? Japanese are the ones who can make a real authentic beautiful bonsai plants I think it is part of their culture. Hubby and I went to a Bonsai show and the show was indeed beautiful. I was about to buy one but thought of making one? But until now my ambition to make one is not yet materialize. Picked one to what you like best....

                            I like this arrangement and those hole like husk is lotus flower which is already dry.

                                     And I think this is the winning piece
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I was wondering what these lotus husk it. yesterday, I saw small flat glass on the cement, and looked like this.
There is a big bonsai club in Toronto and I have seen some of their competitive gardens. A wonderful form of design that entails a lot of patience.
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Glenda/MidSouth said…
Those are pretty and takes a lot of patience to train them. Patience I don't have. :)
Rajesh said…
Super shots of Bonsai plants. They have been done very nicely.
Sara D.B. said…
Beautiful bonsai trees!
Thank you for sharing them with us.
Have a lovely new week!
Bonsai trees are natural artworks.
Bonsai is expensive here.
Kim Hkiss said…
Yes take years for a beautiful bonsai to make. And you are right takes a lot of patience.
Kim Hkiss said…
Ann I was impress when I saw how they arrange beautifulLy the lotus husk together with some live plants.
Beautiful bonsai...I think I like the trunk-like jade ten way it is displayed.

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