St. Florian Church

Two months ago I knew of a mass mob here in Michigan. The mass mob is celebrated in a Catholic Church which is near to Detroit. Hubby and I when we learned about it attended the our first mass mob which is St. Florian a very beautiful place in Hamtramck, Michigan. Mass mob was first done in New York and now Detroit it doing it for months now in fact when I learned about it, it was at the end of the year but we managed to join three times and this month will be our fourth mass mob. I never thought that in Detroit we have plenty of historic churches built even in the 1800's and many are sold and or demolished. Now I heard that Indiana is doing it and Colorado too. Well I hope all states will do mass mob once a month in their archdioceses.

                                               St. Florian Church

                           And of course, flowers to all beautiful ladies out there!
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Sara D.B. said…
Beautiful photos!
Thank you & Have a joyful Advent!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful pictures
The working class people certainly did sacrifice to build their opulent church. The stained glass and statuary is magnificent.
Thank you for the flowers, and linking to Mosaic Monday.
This looks like a beautiful church. I hope it will be able to stay open for services! Have a blessed Advent season, Kim!
I don't know what a mass mob is, but I do love beautiful old churches. and the orchids are just beautiful. Have a lovely lead up to Christmas. I am joining you at Mosaic Monday.
SmilingSally said…
Hi Kim,

I never heard of a mass mob, so I looked it up and found out it's for Catholics to demonstrate their unity.

The church you showed is gorgeous, and I'm glad that you get to worship there. Thanks for sharing.

Have a Beautiful Blue Monday!
A beautiful church...thanks for sharing it.
Lorrie said…
That's a beautiful church and lovely flowers.
ann nz said…
stain windows are amazing.

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