L - Liberty

I was so happy when I got to see our very own Statue of Liberty!! My friends and I were not able to climb up because they said we have to have an appointment first. But then I am happy just to see her.

                                                                      Another  view

                                                             Linking to ABC Wednesday


Possbley the most iconic L this round.
LOVE this L

PhenoMenon,ABC Wednesday
Hannah said…
Your photos are great of the Statue, it looks crowded there. We climbed the stairs but I don't remember reaching a viewpoint, I just remember being hot and crowded, with just a view of scaffolding and metal.
Rajesh said…
Great shots of Statue of Liberty.
ellen b said…
Yes, give me liberty! Beautiful photos.
Hildred said…
Wonderful photos and a great and meaningful choice for L.
I always like seeing it!

Indrani said…
I too would be happy to see this. :)
May be some day!
Terri said…
On my list- I imagine I will be in awe when I do finally get to see her.
Lmkazmierczak said…
Haven't seen it in person...on my to see list♪ http://lauriekazmierczak.com/lightburst-and-spikes/
Ann said…
What a landmark!! Would love to have a closer look in person.

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