Water World Wednesday

                                         WELCOME TO WATER WORLD WEDNESDAY
                                                                 Episode 25,Year 2

Hi Bloggers friends how is your weekend and weekdays? Sooner than what we expect Fall is going to be here soon. Our summer here in up north of US is not as hot or warm as it is used to be. I do not have fruits this year my four fruit trees never produce even one single flower. But my flowers this year blooms like crazy. This week our temperature is going to be warm and hot which is good before it gets cold. This summer I enjoyed a lot of water infusion. I made my own here which consist of one lemon, one lavender, half of cucumber and some mint leaves. Try it, it is so good!!

 This is my water infusion. Inside is lemon, lavender, cucumber and mint. Prepare this before you go to bed. In the morning this is what you gonna drink. It brings a lot of taste and what fascinates me is the strong taste of lavender. Try it!


Alexa T said…
It looks so lovely, refreshing and yummy!! Lovely pictures... This summer is almost at the end, indeed...It was so changeable, the weather (I mean), and we have too much hot temperatures in some days and, as well, too much rainy days in others... very annoying with all the changes and not know what to think about the next season, autumn... what It will bring! So, have a good and sunny summer till autumn will realy come!!
Valerie said…
Those infusions sure sound refreshing! (Thank you for dropping by my blog)
Liz said…
It looks delicious and refreshing, Kim. As we head towards our summer, I must try it!
Your water infusion looks so refreshing. Unfortunately, it will be hard for me to find fresh lavender and mint here.
Ileana said…
It looks refreshing!!
Anonymous said…
looks delishouslyvrefreshing!
Leovi said…
Exquisite compositions, excellent colors full of beauty !!
Anonymous said…
It looks pretty in your photo, too.

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