Water World Wednesday

                                              WELCOME TO WATER WORLD WEDNESDAY
                                                                Episode 21, Year 2

Two weeks in a row I have been featuring Niagara Falls. I can't get rid of Niagara Falls as my water photos since this place is indeed a mecca of water hehe. These time I was taking photos of a boat with people wearing red raincoat. When I saw the boat going close to the falls makes me wonder if I would like that or if I would like to ride on that boat I am scared!

         If in case you would visit Niagara Falls, Canada try to ride one of the boats I think going close to the falls is fun though. Happy linking friends and try to visit one another. Happy Weekdays!


Gemma Wiseman said…
The boat certainly looks crowded mwith people keen to see the waters up close. Great views of the falls.
I don't blame you for featuring it again!
bj said…
These are great photos. I'd love to see the falls in person.
Liz said…
It would be so incredible to see!! You are blessed.
maryaustria said…
Wonderful photos! Would be great to be among these red clothed people! :)
DreamGirl said…
The first photo scared me! The boat was really packed and all of the people in the same colored shirts. But the second photo just blew me away!

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