Water World Wednesday

                                          WELCOME TO WATER WORLD WEDNESDAY
                                                           Episode 20, Year 2

Even if I water my plants a rainbow will appear so when I saw this huge rainbow over Niagara Falls I was happy! The first time I came to Niagara Falls, Canada it was in fall so it was cold and I do not know why I have not seen rainbow that time. But this time it is summer the sun is hot while we were there and so the ambience.

I cannot wait to see your water photos bloggers. And please do not forget to visit fellow bloggers blogs. Thanks and enjoy your weekdays!


Hazel said…
Fabulous! I don't think I ever saw a photo of Niagara with a rainbow in it. Delighted now that I did.
Anonymous said…
What a wonderful rainbow
Gemma Wiseman said…
very beautiful rainbow effects over the rugged waters. Great photos.
Makes me happy too, Kim.
Anonymous said…
Your last pic is my favorite of all the rainbows and water! Looks like so much fun:)
NatureFootstep said…
beautiful images Kim. I love it. :) Been there once. Long ago.

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