Water World Wednesday

                                                WELCOME TO WATER WORLD WEDNESDAY
                                                                     Episode 8, Year 2

Well I hope my linky is back. I am checking on the website I bought this linky but seems that it is not responding yet. So bear with me folks for a little bit. Here is my Water World Wednesday for this week.

These was taken last year when I went to visit my family in the Philippines. It was summer at that time and temperature will reach up to almost a 100F. So people whould go to a resort to cool down and just have fun. These I missed so much because here in Michigan we are already in May and still it is cold what do we missed literally? A lot!!! If only I could move to another state I would with out a second thought! ^_^ But would not complain that much we are still good no tornadoes or storm what so ever and it is great right?


Gemma Wiseman said…
Most appealing water worlds at this resort. Love the gushing water.
Ileana said…
Beautiful pictures! Have a nice day!
Wonderful flowing water. Great place to visit during hot days.
I saw news about tornadoes. So scary.
Alexa T said…
So beautiful pictures and I can, for sure, even imagine how cosy must be... I miss to spend some time into a balnear resort with hot spring waters since, right now is so cold at the beginning of may!! Thanks for sharing and all the best!

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