Blue Ice

Last Sunday we had our first snow/ice storm it was bad. We lost our power thankfully we had a generator but then our heating system didn't work so no furnish to warm us up. We opened our stove and let the heat comes out it did warm part of the house though. By Tuesday night the power was back and I was happy. I cannot imagine in Christmas time not having a power with all the cooking and everything it is hard. So I am thankful to all the hard working people of DTE putting themselves in terrible cold and danger. I took these photos yesterday the sun was out and the ice glistened like diamonds it is beautiful!

                                                          Linking to Sky Watch Friday


eileeninmd said…
The ice is pretty, but the damage is awful.. I am glad you power came back on! Lovely photos. Happy New Years to you and your family..
Mary said…
Such storms are really bad! But the ice on the trees is beautiful! Wonderful shots!
Ice storms are no fun for anyone ~ Beautiful photography for SWF ~ Happy New Year to you ~ carol
lina@women tips said…
Glad to know the power functions well again.
The ice on the trees looks beautiful.
Happy holidays, Kim.
Lea said…
Beautiful, but destructive
Have a wonderful week-end!
Art said…
Wow!! I love it. Happy New Year.

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