Water World Wednesday

                                                 WELCOME TO WATER WORLD WEDNESDAY
                                                                          Episode 83, Year 1

As we all knew my native country Philippines was devastated by Storm Yolanda the strongest storm ever hit the Philippines. My heart bleeds out to all the victims I cannot look at the photos nor watch videos because my heart cry out for them. As for my families in the Philippines they are doing great my hometown was not on the storm path so I felt good but still is feeling bad for my friends families. My picture show how some houses/shack are being built along the coastline can you imagine a water surge engufled it for sure nothing will be left behind...

                                      Thanks for joining and the comments I do appreciate it!!


Hazel Ceej said…
Here's hoping we're all going to be fine. Hope is a good thing to hold on to in times like this. Glad your family is fine.

Glad to know your family was not affected. It takes time, but Banda Aceh, Indonesia that hit by the tsunami has recovered again.
Hope the strength for the Haiyan survivors to continue and start their new life.
Gemma Wiseman said…
I watch in disbelief when I see the news about the Philippines. Hard to comprehend such a high level of devastation. I know we, in Australia are sending strength to survivors as they begin a new journey. Your photo certainly highlights how some homes there are actually built on the water.
C'est terrible, espérons qu'ils trouvent l'aide dont ils ont besoin!
Nick V. said…
Australia is sending help to the Philippines and also much needed medical personnel. The destruction was immense. Let's hope the best for the survivors.
Indrani said…
Really sad about your country's loss!
Praying the best for the survivors!

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