Destination: Aruba

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The first time I heard about Aruba was in 1974. It was I think the first time when a universe pageant held in the Philippines. I cannot remember now why the name Aruba sticks in my mind even until now that I could associate Aruba with beauty pageant. I remember after the pageant we played a lot portraying as contestants of the pageant I was at that time eight years old.
Now that I am here in the USA hubby and planned to go to a place where it is beautiful, peaceful, everything we like to do and want to do is in one place, and for me my island of choice is Aruba. I do not know about you but every time we go somewhere for vacation I always check the place and look on the site on what is best activity to do where and how to find. Therefore, when we get there everything is already plan while hubby is free spirited he just like to follow me he he. Anyway, one thing that I like to do in a vacation is to check out the food! Yes, the food is the most important thing to me because for me it is where you can communicate with the local people. By trying the food and talking to the locals, you learn a lot. By that, you know where is the best place for beaches, restaurants, and cool events that the island offers to visitors. What about you friends let me know what you like to do when you are in Aruba checking on Aruba travel is making my heart do the summersault I like what I see. Because of that, the name Aruba now is sticking in my mind more than my childhood experienced and that soon we are going to celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary this would be our destination for our second honeymoon! Awesome!

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