Feather Earrings

     Hey everybody, I tried out feather extensions recently and wanted to tell you guys about them. They’re made from rooster feathers, and while they’re one of the more unique ways to spice up your hair, I like them because they’re also pretty subtle, unless you use a ton of them. One or two is the perfect look for me. Here are some tips I picked up from finefeatherheads.com in case you wanna try them out yourself. There are all kinds of feather accessories, including feather earrings  and even pet plumes for your dog! You can install them yourself at home if you get the clip ons, or you can get a diy kit and install them yourself. There are also a ton of salons that will install them for you. Feather extensions will last about four months in your hair, and chlorine and saltwater can cause them to fade a little naturally. The feathers can break, just like real hair, so be careful when brushing, especially when brushing at the root. If any of you have tried feather extensions let us know what you think in the comments! 


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