Tree Work

     Our summer is weird I do not know if it is just here in Michigan but one thing that I observe we do not have so much of warm days. I was looking at our vegetable garden today it looks like my vegetables are not doing great. I told hubby about it and he told me it might be because we do not have warm night and on some days we are raining or just cold in summer!
Anyway, this is the time when we start to clean up our yard and by cleaning it means cutting some limbs that are hanging out there. Last month I was mad and sad because a limb fell down and landed right at my cars windshield very bad huh! This morning I told him to check on his working tools, tools that can cut tree limbs and not so huge trees. A couple of hours ago he told me is missing some of his tools it brought my eyebrow to raise, lol! Before, he asked me about a tree tools I told him already about this site and now he likes to check on it again. I hope he will find his tools or else I might buy him something this time.


cpsanti said…
the weather IS getting weird all around. i hope your garden fares better soon!
20160907 junda

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