Wednesday, August 7, 2013

T-shirt Designs

 I was in the mall today and while looking around I spotted this t-shirt store.  I remember immediately I have to design a t-shirt for the birthday of hubby next year. I am not going to tell how old is he here in the whole wide world to know but I am planning I am going to throw a huge party for him. As I was inside, I could not find a good sign printed in the t-shirt it was then I thought of designing one for this event.
     When I got home, I call a friend and ask her if she knew a site who can design a t-shirt with the t-shirt included of course. I have plenty of idea on what to print on the t-shirt,  t-shirt designs I like  to be that are unique and easy to read and remember. I went to browse the site and indeed I find how easy to design a t-shirt it is like counting one-two-three and you are done! Here is the website you can try design your shirt in no time I am sure you would love this site because ass I was browsing the site I love it too. It is very easy to navigate I even ended up designing something for me not for the birthday event lol! 


Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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