Water World Wednesday

                                                         WELCOME TO WATER WORLD WEDNESDAY
                                                                      Episode 66, Year 1

How's everyone doing? I cannot believe it we are in the middle of the year already and yes it is pushing the month of August time is so fast right? Another Water World Wednesay linky here and I am always thankful to all of you who came and link with me. Thanks!!!

                                               This was taken somewhere Caseville, Michigan.



Gemma Wiseman said…
This looks like land laden with water when the rainy season is in full swing! Interesting photos!
Fun60 said…
I like the way the colour of the land and the water in the light. Were they taken in the early morning?
Minoru Saito said…
Hi! Nice captures. Thank you for hosting.
Kara said…
I can't figure out if it's water drying out or very wet land.
Sheryl said…
Beautiful photos. I love how the shadows add a touch of mystery.
eden said…
Wow! What a beautiful place to visit!
Nick V. said…
Thanks for hosting!
Very nice, almost like abstract paintings. Love that color blue!

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