Water World Wednesday

                                                   WELCOME TO WATER WORLD WEDNESDAY
                                                                        Episode 63, Year 1

I could not believe we are in the month of July already. I missed some of the fireworks here in our area. I missed to take a lot of water photos since we have plenty of rainy days this summer. So I just browse my photo folder to find water photos that I have not featured here. I am very busy this days so many things going on here. Here are some of my water photos.

         Took this at Holland, Michigan and I do not know why the water is blue but it is pretty though.

                   This was taken at Frankenmuth, Michigan a different kind of fountain but it is very cool.

Now it is time to show case your watery shots. You all are doing great every week I am amazed of all your photos. Please do stop by at our fellow bloggers and say hi to them. I do appreciate your coming and the link. Happy weekdays everyone and be safe!


Jim said…
A beautiful fountain.
Gemma Wiseman said…
Love the tiered fountain and the rocky features round the second one are most appealing!
Carol L McKenna said…
Love the waterfall photography ~ Beautiful! Happy 4th!
Jesh St Germain said…
Your second fountain is my favorite - very artsy! Have a great week, Kim:)
Sophie A. said…
Great capture of the water fountain, and I do like the second one better. :)
Leovi said…
Beautiful photos! I like the color of the water in these sources!

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