Last week I learned about a cool new hair accessory (well not exactly new, but new to me) - feather extensions.  I saw someone wearing them at church and could not stop thinking about them! I could not find any in the mall, so I went online and found them at Fine Featherheads. These feathers come from roosters, and are colored with a mineral-based dye. A feather extension installation will last up to four months, according to their site, and can be reinstalled right after. I did not want to deal with an installation, so I went with clip on hair feathers, or quill clips as they are called on the site, and I love em! Fine Featherheads has some other cool hair accessories on their site, like hair chalk, and I highly recommend you check out their lookbook before buying - they have great photos of all their products to give you a better idea of what they look like in your hair.
This weekend I am going to attend a birthday party and I am planning to wear feather extensions now that my hair is really long. My friends always told me that I am a fashionista in terms of clothing and shoes but not with my hair. I never even dye my hair  - I like to keep it brown/black, so I prefer the lighter colors.


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