Bleeding Heart

If last year my bleeding heart did not gave me plenty of flowers this year is different. I see plenty of blossoms even my white bleeding heart. Took this photo yesterday even if the blossoms are still very tiny well I cannot wait to see them bloom.

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forgetmenot said…
Bleeding Heart is such a lovely flower. Hope you have an abundance of beautiful flowers shortly. Mickie :)
Anonymous said…
That looks so nice. I'm afraid our abnormally cool spring is preventing mine from blooming the way it usually does. Glad to see yours. :-)
Ralph said…
I like the bleeding heart - we have one in our front yard and it too is growing nicely no that winter is really gone :)

The only bad thing for us is that it doesn't last into the Summer. So we enjoy it as long as its ruby flowers are here!
Jama said…
Beautiful flowers.
Sophie A. said…
This unique flower has a name that annuouces its shape.
Very pretty.
Debra Mauldin said…
Beautiful flowers! :)
Liz said…
So beautiful.

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Liz (mcn)
Liz (mot)
Unique and lovely flowers!
Bruce Clark said…
Love those bleeding hearts.

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