Sky Watch Friday

Here in Mindanao we had black outs at least five hours in a day. The weather temperature is so hot the least that I have seen is 83F and the highest is 92F. We need rain but because summer just started we had to deal with it. Last weekend I went to Iligan City to visit a friend and this bus below is one transportation here in the Philippines that would bring us to the place we want to go. The sky is so blue no sign of dark clouds.

This bus is air conditioned you can tell it by the curtain hehehe.  

Gasoline station here we also had Petron here. Per liter is 44.00 pesos



JanzCrystalz said…
Bidang bida si RTMI Ate Kim! How's your vacation? Super init nga dito sa atin. hehe
Kim, USA said…
Hahaha oo Janz bidang bida ang Rural wala na kasing iba hehehe. Super init kaya di ako naka pag punta sa ibang lugar but having fun with my family here. ^)^
Kara Claflin said…
Very pretty blue sky!!
islandwonder said…
Looks like a comfy bus!!! Pretty sky!

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