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   What is better but to learn and know about Science I remember when I was in elementary I am fond of science. Growing up I also found out that the teacher contributes a lot of influence to the student’s curiosity or willingness to study more. Teachers can influence us in positive or negative outlook about Science subject. The other day I was talking to my nieces and nephew and I found out that there is a teacher in their school that they like and he is a science teacher. They said that he is really good in teaching the subject and he is very patient to them. That is why they said that he is their favorite teacher ever. Now in this generation we may have a favorite teacher but also there are several website that we can learn about Science. One website that I found out is in this website you find the science news 2013. In this website you also find technology news too. Some people say they do not like Science but with my experience if we know somebody who is willing to teach us and patient to us we all like Science. As the adage go “it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out” is so true many things in this world that does not take for us to be a scientist to figure it out. We only need a basic Science  know how to know it. I have said that in this generation it is hard to learn Science besides there are a lot of  geek toys available online and because of this there is no way we would say we do not have a chance to learn about Science because in this generation everything is possible


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