A Different Experience

     I have been visiting my native home country Philippines for seven times now and this time I screwed up. Yes I do not use this word because it does not sound nice but my experienced is awful! Last January I asked my niece to buy me a plane ticket it means a ticket from Manila, Philippines to my hometown down Mindanao. So I told her that the date I will fly out from Manila is March 15 so as I have told she bought the ticket. Last Thursday, was my flight out from Detroit that is March 14, when I arrived Philippines it was March 15, 11:00 pm so the next day is March 16 right? After checking out at the international airport I immediately went to the domestic airport where I am supposed to check in going to my hometown. Guess what happened when I checked in, the person in charge told me my ticket is March 15 and I am supposed to fly yesterday that is her words. So I told her no today is March 15 and she told me it is March 16! I am so shocked and feel awful of my hugeeeeeeeeeeeee mistake I was shaking literally. As what the person in charge told me I went to the ticketing area and buy another ticket for guess how much a whooping 6,513.00 compare to my ticket that I bought last January for just 2,800. But what you can do I have to purchase another ticket so I would be at my hometown that day! This time I was so tired and hungry I have not sleep for two days. The bad part there is no more flight going to my hometown that day and what they advised me is to fly to another city so purchased a ticket. But this time my mind is so drain and just thinking of the flight going to another city a four hours away drive for a bus is very tiresome. Fast forward I did arrived to Cagayan de Oro City and my niece and her friends meet me there. I was happy to see my niece and after the airport we immediately went to the bus terminal and ride another hours. After the bus drive I transfer to a ferry boat to reach my home city. This time I feel good though after the thought and the feeling of being tired and awful I feel rejuvenated. It was a longgggggg journey and still I could not believe after many times I visit my family in the Philippines it was my first time to get the date wrong. I think there is always a first time in everything huh? 


JanzCrystalz said…
Yikes! kakapoy pud ate ana oi. Nakahapit pa jud ka CDO hehe.. Enjoy your trip vacation. :)

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