Many asked me where I learned how to speak and write in English.  I told them in the Philippines since pre-school we taught on how to read and speak English. Even in the remote areas, our public school teaches English. In fact, English language is our second language in the Philippines. When my hubby came to the Philippines for a visit he was amaze because the street signs, newspaper, magazines are in English.  I remember when I was in high school it starts when the teachers are very strict on us student. They told us to speak in English inside the classroom and if we do not speak English, we are to be fine. It goes in college too and this is where I learned more about English language.
I remember I was freshman in college and our teacher asks us to write and essay. I was fresh in high school so I wrote my homework. After that, our teacher asks us to write an essay in different topic or issue of the day. Sometimes nothing, come up in my brain I had to read anything just to make my brain works. When I get here in the US, I found out that - essay-writing company is here for us to help. What a cool idea this is I cannot help but think of my hardship when I was in college writing those essays. Since I know this company does exist I will tell my nieces and nephew about it because I know it will help them a lot!


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