Website Monitoring

     I saw computer when I was in college. That was twenty-eight years ago. I remember the monitor we had is very huge like the old television. Now almost all the monitors are in flat screen as well as the televisions. So much has change for the past years and it is hard to keep up. Just like Website Monitoring, it made me amaze how it works. Sometimes hubby and I talk about technology and even he could not fathom the idea how all these new gadgets work. Website Monitoring is a website that service an external monitoring that provides the user with five free website monitors with five-minute monitoring intervals. It really sounds good right. It also alerts the user through phone, sms, and email when there is a problem, which for me it does work well in case you walk out from your computer for a little time. I am always thankful that there is such thing like this people who works in the internet, make money in the internet will feel safe all the time, and that is great!


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