Water World Wednesday

                                                  Welcome to Water World Wednesday
                                                              Episode 40, Year 1

Here in Michigan is cold and snowy thinking about summer makes my spirit lift up. So I am posting here the photos I took last year while vacationing in the Philippines.

                 The earth has music for those who listen.   William Shakespeare 

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NatureFootstep said…
Philippines is good. Really good! :)
Ranten said…
Some pictures from Norway!Regards Marit :)
That's a lovely jetty
Gemma Wiseman said…
Love that wooden pier! Lots of character in it! Beautiful water views!
Very beautiful watery views. Stunning shots, Kim.
NixBlog said…
Lovely photos, Kim!
Thanks for hosting.
Leovi said…
Delightfully delicious. The photos are beautiful and this is a great place.
namaki said…
nice pictures ... I like the wooden pier !
Anonymous said…
Beautiful captures & what an awesome place! =)

I wholeheartedly agree w/ the video on your 'Must See Video' on your sidebar... I canNOT understand how it's gotten so out of hand... I pray abortionist have a change of heart. God bless!
Anonymous said…
ps I heard on EWTN radio today that they're talking about stopping government funding of Planned Parenthood, which is a front for abortion factories, so that's a step in the right direction! =)
January said…
I've been there Ate Kim! The next time I'll visit I make sure to swim with the dolphins hehehe. :)
Luna Miranda said…
is this a vacation house or a restaurant?
looks like a perfect place to relax.
Leovi said…
Impressive last photo with the boat.
Bi Ti said…
What gorgeous photos and I love your quote too Kim. Thank you for stopping by Pret a Vivre. It's funny I just posted a photo of lake Erie which I saw for the first time last January and a quote on trees in winter.

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