Water World Wednesday

                                      WELCOME TO WATER WORLD WEDNESDAY
                                                         Episode 41, Year 1

Few years ago hubby and I went to Sea World in Florida. Oh how I enjoyed that trip I so wish we could visit it again. Aside from Sea World we went to Epcot too. I love the fireworks and the different countries presented in Epcot. In Sea World I enjoyed the shows. Here are some of the photos..

           Now your turn to show your water photos and do not forget to visit fellow bloggers too. ^_^


NatureFootstep said…
I´ve seen a show once and it was fantastic. :)
Jannibele said…
So awesome to see Seaworld again. I was there 25 years ago on my first visit to the USA. Brings back great memories:) Thanks!
lorik said…
So beautiful! Great shots!
That warm weather looks so inviting. I hope it's OK to post a snow photo (frozen water) in this meme. Have a great week.
Stunning show! Great shots, Kim -enjoying it :)
Leovi said…
That nice pictures, excellent captures, gorgeous.
NixBlog said…
Great shots, Kim.
Thanks for hosting.
Gemma Wiseman said…
Amazing connections with the dolphins in these photos! A wonderful sight!

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