Someone to help

     In college I had this subject called Economics and I kind of liking it. Along the course we have to become an entrepreneur our teacher encourage us to do something out of our comfort zone and do something unordinary. Well I did I sell some coconut muffin and papers it is feels good when you find yourself making your own money. One thing that I also learn if we like to have our own business, the first thing we have to have is money as capital and it is the problem many do have. In the Philippines, it is hard to get a capital for your business unlike here in the US. I found Five Point Capital ready to help the small and big business ventures. I do not know if there are many out there like Five Point Capital who is willing to help us. Therefore, if you have something in mind and are ready to venture into the business world look for Five Point Capital because I am sure they will not let you down!


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