Pet Care

    It is been so cold here in Michigan but not a lot of snow. I am thankful we do not have so much snow this year though. This morning I woke up thinking of my sister in laws dog. He is so cute and his name is Angel. I so love the dog I told hubby I want to get one. After coffee, my sister in law asked me if I could accompany her to the veterinary clinic. They found Angel outside the house this morning therefore he was outside the house the whole night. They do not know what happened but it did. I think somebody did come out last night and the dog sneaks out. Therefore, off we go and thankfully, he only suffered minor trauma. He was doing fine when we come home but the one who freak out the most is my sister in law ha ha. I think it was in PetCareRx Reviews that I read about first aid. To be calm is very important that is what it says in Pet CareRx Reviews or else you do not know what you are going to do. Now Angle is fine and he is in his cage for now he he.


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