Be Practical

     I am so busy today gathering papers for our income tax return. Hubby never helps me he says he gets overwhelm of the many papers around. Thankfully, the important papers that come the whole year I keep it in a place that is easy for me to retrieve. Hubby told me one time why not scan it right away and file it in our computer it is a good idea but with my experience of computer crash it scares me to put documents in the computer.
     Anyway, as I was browsing the papers I see our auto insurance statement paid for last year. I would say the amount is high and I was thinking of shopping for better and cheaper auto insurance. We have four cars and we use three cars. The other car I like to sell and even the other car that hubby is using. For me we do not need three or four cars because auto insurance is expensive. Though we do not pay a new car, still paying for three cars is not practical. My cousin who lives in California told me one time that he had to look for full coverage car insurance California area was hard at first to find. Thankfully, a friend of his told him to check the website right away. He did and he liked what he saw and right away get a big deal on it. If we are not wise enough to check and ask people about auto insurance, we will be paying a high amount of car insurance knowing we can get a little lower somewhere. Before I came here in the US I never thought about car insurance or house insurance in the Philippines majority, do not have those kind of payment. When I learn about insurance and how it gets too expensive, I told hubby it is not easy to have excess things here in the US but we did. We have four cars and we used three which in fact we only need two. What I see in our billing statement reminds me to tell hubby we have to get rid of the other two cars it is not practical.


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