Water World Wednesday

                                                 WELCOME TO WATER WORD WEDNESDAY
                                                                   Episode 38, year 1

MERRY CHRISTMAS every one! Sorry for the delayed post I was busy and enjoying the moment and I remember I have to post the Water World linky. How's your Christmas day bloggers? Mine is easy and fine. I cook and it ended up pretty good.  These time I will show my Christmas center piece. I found this bowl in a garage sale I put water in the inside bowl and put the floating candle and at the bottom of the bowl I put white garland and some fake berries. ^_^ Here are some photos.

                                                                      Pretty huh?


Gemma Wiseman said…
A most attractive table decoration! Lots of festive colours happening there!
NatureFootstep said…
I used to have floating candles also. It is a great decoration.

Wishing you a Happy New Year.
Leovi said…
Very nice atmosphere with those Christmas decorations and lights, great photos.
eden said…
Love the ball with the floating candles in it.

Merry Christmas, Kim!
Very pretty and colorful, Kim! It surely beautifies your table.
I'm very late this week :)

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