Go Daddy

     How are your weekend friends as for me I attended Christmas party yesterday and today hubby and I went to a funeral? At the reception, we were talking about this generation and how fast communication goes. When my stepdaughter’s mother in law died, she posted it to her blog and all the relatives and friends know it right away in just a matter of minutes. Gone were the days when you have to send letters or telegrams to let loved ones that you lose somebody. When I first learn about blogging, I do no have my own domain until I found out that it is nice to have your own domain. Therefore, I searched the best and cheap domain until I found out go daddy. I did not buy right away. Instead I browse the site and what the site is offering to me who blog for years. Until I decided that go daddy is what I am looking for to have my own domain.
Today, I told a friend who loves to blog to get her own domain and a friend who has a business to get her own too. They ask many things, which is very normal for new bloggers. I answer all their questions with the best of my ability and according to my experience and knowledge.
     Next month I am going to renew my domain and I very impress that until now Godaddy Promo Code .Net still offer many discounts. I think that without go daddy I will not be able to get my own domain. You see I have five blogs and if it cost a lot each year per blog I cannot afford it. I highly recommend it to friends who like to have their own domain. I could say that you will not regret it. It does not have any problem what so ever and it is easy to get your own domain. Do not forget we are in this generation when everything you see and learn is in the internet. If you are a blogger or owns a business domain of your own is the best to get one. 


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