Girl's Night Out

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    I have beautiful nieces and most of them are all young adults. You wonder why an Aunt like me can hang out with the young adults is because I like them to be themselves. I tell them to act the way they are and never pretend who they are not that is why their friends call me a cool Aunt. However, I always told them that in every action they do, there is always a consequence and so they have to think a million times to act on something or decide on something that they know it is wrong. Their parents trusted me that oftentimes I am always the chaperon on some of there events. I let them do what ever they want but have to put in mind the rules.
    These past few days are crazy parties are everywhere and when you are with young adults, it is fun at the same time exhausting. Their energy is high and I have to keep up their energy. Every time I got home I am flat in bed. The other day one of my niece talks about Primp & Prep I never know what it is all about until they showed it to me. It is very cool site for mother and aunt like me to look into. It is so nice for Hpnotiq to put up this kind of site. Now I have an idea on how to find the latest trend in town. This coming weekend I will attend a girl's night out and the rule is hair down music up! How cool is that for a party title. I am also excited for these event since all my nieces will come and yes they are crazy over what to wear, what is the newest nail polish color, are they going to wear high heel shoes and what color it would be. However, as a cool Aunt I told them to get what they like and what they feel comfortable, which for sure would make them happy. For now, I cannot wait to see them all in one place and for me with no biases they all look gorgeous! A note from me you must be 21 years or older to drink alcoholic beverages and as always, please remember to drink responsibly.

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