Tweet Me

     I was at my friend’s house yesterday for lunch with bunch of friends and we talk about internet and social networking. We were laughing as we compare notes about our childhood. I grow up in a city but we do not have electricity until in the early 80’s. I remember at night specially if it is full moon, we kids go to the street all the neighbors gathered and we play. If it is not a full moon we stayed inside the house and we listen the radio drama or if my father is around he share stories of his childhood too. I remember it as one of the best moment of my childhood. Fast forward now every kid knows how to operate a cell phone and browse the internet. My husband still amaze of how I communicate my family in the Philippines it is by tweeting. Then I have blogging that they could peak and see what is going on with my life. The past weeks I was more into tweeting. Before I find it, hard to do it but then a friend showed me how to do it and now I am hooked. I did not know that there is such thing as Purchase Tweets  and I find amazing too. I think my horizon in the internet and tweeting is not well equipped yet and that I told myself to learn more about it. 


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