Do you wonder those signs along the highway? Where it came from and who does make it? I do wonder about it because it is one of my fascinations every time hubby and I go road trip to read all the signs along the highway. Some are very fancy some are already old some are very high tech. Then as I was browsing one day, I found out that Signtronix make those signs. They are the leading manufacturer of signs for 50 years! They have designed 6000,000 signs across America since they started in 1963. To learn and to know that a certain company can make such beautiful signs is amazing! One thing that I learn too the costs for signs are low but the quality is not and that makes it awesome! Signronix is the answer of all businesses who wants to boast their business and I am sure of that. 


Somebody does make the signs...I never thought of this
now i know..thanks for this post..

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