The Mighty Judge

                                              The Lord is still in his holy temple; he still rules
                                                from heaven. He closely watches everything
                                                      that happens here on earth. Psalm 11:4

It's easy t feel powerless in this world, especially if you're a woman. But when you place your trust in God, you can stand strong and confident, knowing you have a friend and advocate in the highest of places. It is someone who is looking out for your interests, someone who is perfectly just and steadfastly good.

You need not accept quietly everything that laife lays at your feet. Lift up your eyes to heaven. Plead your case before the mighty judge of all. He loves you, and because of that, you can be sure he will hear you and do what is best for you.

                                                      Linking to Spiritual Sundays 


Pamela said…
Blesses me to know God's looking out for me!
Charlotte said…
What a beautiful reminder. Thank you for sharing.
forgetmenot said…
A wonderful Bible quote to remember and follow. Thank you for the inspiration. Mickie ;)_
Carol said…
Great verses to meditate on. Yes, it is good to lift our eyes to the heavens. Thank-you for your post!

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