Coupons and Promotions

     Hubby and I went to the mall today after my doctors’ appointment. We see many items that are on sale or discounted. Every time I see on sale or discounted items, I get curious and I would never pass it without looking at it. I am a kind of shopper who tends to do window-shopping first before buying it. Now that we are in the new generation coupons and using promotion codes are everywhere. When I found 6pm coupons and 6pm promotion online, I get curious. I immediately went to there website and check it out. 
     I see in the website shoes; apparels and accessories that I love to have it this winter. You see I am looking for flat boots that is comfortable and stylish. However, in the mall if I buy it there I cannot get discounts because winter is just coming. Nevertheless, if I shopped online using coupons and promotional codes I would save a lot of money and saving money while shopping made me smile.
     When I look at the site, I happened to see my favorite brand like Clark, Nike, Nine West and the names just goes on. One thing that I can only say is that the discounts are excessively high and the item we can get is the same as what we can get when we buy it in the store. I tell my friend the other day, this is the time to scout more coupons and codes because in this kind of economy we cannot afford to buy items that are expensive. However online we can get plenty of discounted items because of couponing and promotional codes. She gets excited right away after explaining to her about couponing and promotional codes. I know that she is going to save a lot of money by doing so, I know for sure her love for shoes, and bags will not stop just because these items are getting expensive. Right now, I am happy to know I make one friend happy. I am also certain she is going to share what she learns to her circle of friends too.


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