Water World Wednesday

                                               Welcome to WATER WORLD WEDNESDAY
                                                                    Episode 24, Year 1

          Our temperature here in Michigan started to cool off. Early in the morning the air is crisp and cool and at night time no pesky mosquitoes because it is definitely cold. But still my flowers are blooming and do not know when they are going to start to wither but I don't wait for that time because I am going to pick them and put it in a vase. For now I have a good time taking photos with them using some spray. Yup I spray them with water and take photos. Got some good ones with water drops. 

Now, it is time to showcase your photos with water. One of the rule is to visit fellow bloggers by doing that it would make this linky to be fun.


As always....beautiful!!!
January said…
Very beautiful Ate Kim..:)
Oman said…
Such lovely sceneries. Hope to have my chance of taking memories of ther place. Awesome post. :)
Wonderful flowers and water drops. Love it, Kim.
NixBlog said…
Lovely captures, Kim.
Thanks for hosting.
namaki said…
Nice droplets ... and thanks for hosting as well !
Danielle said…
Oh what a great idea for a 'water' photo...these are just remarkable.
Leovi said…
Beautiful colors, I love those flowers captured with dewdrops. Greetings.
bettyl said…
Lovely water droplets for your shots!

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