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We are almost in the middle of the month of September and the temperature here in Michigan is starting to cool off. However, driving by farms farmers is harvesting their crops and on the weekend, it is very nice to visit farm markets. In addition, this is the kind of weather I like it is not too hot or too cold and the annoying mosquitoes are gone!
The other day a friend of ours came to the house to ask my husband if he know somebody who can do well in a plumbing job. My husband refer to a person whom he know and he told his friend he can assure of him that he is really good in this kind of job. After his friend, left I told my husband it is not easy to find a good worker who can do his job well. We can find a Plumbing Company anywhere but Plumbers that are good in this field are very rare. That is why this person that hubby know he really recommended it to his friends because he can do his job well. Last February, my sister in law visited her son in Houston, Texas while hubby and I went to San Antonio. While they were in the town, she told us that her son’s house is flooded with water due to a water pipe leakage. Women do not know anything about this stuff so hubby told her to call Plumbers in Houston and ask somebody if anyone is available to visit her place right away. Good thing that they come immediately and look at the problem it was fix that day. We do not like our house to be flooded with out no reason. So knowing a good plumber in our area is necessary to know. 


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