A UK getaway

     Few weeks ago, my cousin contacted me inquiring about when I am going to visit her.  I told her if there is no money involved at that time, I will pack my things and hop in the plane she just laugh. That time I have no idea that there is such thing as discount codes for thomsons holiday. My mind is set in terms of vacation that I will spend a lot of money and not knowing there are many opportunity like discount codes offered online. 
     You see I have two cousins in UK they worked their as a nurse and their family is with them too. They have been living there for more than eight years and I missed my nephews and a niece that I have not seen in person only in pictures. Which I am excited when I told hubby about the discount codes from Thompson. He told me to book it right away if given a chance I can find a very good deal. My cousin told me to visit her on summer because there will be a gathering of all Filipinos in that country and she could leave her work at that time. I am also very willing to visit her on summer since here in the US and UK I think we both have the same season. 


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