The Ring

     I meet my hubby online and we chatted for almost three years before him meet me in person. For those times, we talked about many things in life but meeting to a person in quite different. When he finally came to visit me in the Philippines, I was so happy and before I know it he gave me this one single pink rose and did not realize that a ring is tied hanging on the stem. I was so happy at the same time my thought is racing 200 miles per hour. I thought if I would accept the ring sooner than later I will be married to this man and I did after seven months.
     Looking for a beautiful engagement ring is a hard task a man sometimes do not like to do. It is funny because they do not do shopping like this kind of jewelry but sooner than later, they will indeed do it. Some men had to look for jewelry store that they could trust like the north carolina jewelry. Because it is hard, to find stores that can be trusted and who has the goal to help customers in there needs. Hubby told me that when he was looking for the engagement ring that he gave me he went to his trusted store. In the store the owner ask him several things to know what I do like for shapes and forms for a ring. Hubby wanted a single and an oval shape diamond. An oval engagement rings for me does look classy. In addition, my favorite shape is why hubby picks it for me. Another thing that hubby looks when he was looking for the ring is the carats. I did not know that hubby is very meticulous in purchasing jewelry. He is more meticulous than I am and he does not settle for less.  I know this because when we go shopping for special event and he likes to buy me jewelry he is the one who has the hard time deciding what to buy. He says that cushion cut diamonds 0, 90 carat diamonds is the way to go, and of course, he had to consider how much it cost. 
     Now that we are married for eight years looking back he said it was fun shopping for the ring. He told me he hops from one jewelry store to another just to find the right ring for me. I thought it is very sweet of him to do that.  Because our engagement ring is special, I hardly wear it. I do not want to lose it or tarnish the diamond or the ring itself. I put a lot of sentimental value to it and I appreciate the effort hubby put it too. 


Annesphamily said…
Sound like you have a wonderful hubby!

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