Happy Color

     Now I do believe that yellow is a happy color. Every time I see my goldfinch I am happy. I am happy because they are still there still visiting my bird feeder. The other yellow which looks like an orchid or a lily is one of the flower that intrigues me. I saw these flower when I was in the flower shop and I like it immediately. I hope when I go to the store tomorrow this flower is on sale because I am going to buy this one. I also found out that I have more yellow flowers in my garden more than the other colors. Which when I  check my flowers every morning it brings smile on my face.

And my Black Eyed Susan

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You're right. Seeing your pretty yellow flowers makes me happy :)
Gorgeous photography of beauty in nature ~ namaste, (A Creative Harbor)
Shilpa said…
I feel yellow flowers are dedicated to morning, as it cheers and brighten our day always. Lovely shots, Kim!
Gary said…
Love the colour!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.
January said…
Happy colors for a happy day! :)
Genie said…
indeed...your yellow post is a happy one. i love the color. this is one of those shots that puts a smile on the old face. genie

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