Water World Wednesday

                                              Welcome all to WATER WORLD WEDNESDAY!!
                                                                  Our episode 14, year 1

     These photos were taken last Sunday at Frederick Meijers Garden and Sculpture Park. This is the park I like to visit especially if they host flower shows likes Rose, Chrysanthemums, Orchids and Daisies. This time I had a chance to take a photo of there little falls which is not too far from The American Horse. The American Horse is huge (see the woman on the second photo) it is made of bronze, in 1998 by Nina Akamu. 

What you have got this time. It is time to showcase your water photos. Have fun and do not forget to blog hop and make friends.


CameraCruise said…
Beautiful photos.
What a huge horse.
Thanks for hosting.
Wish you a wonderful day.
Kim, USA said…
Thanks Mette you too!
Cher said…
what fun borders you used for your beautiful photos! may i know what editing software you used? thanks!
bettyl said…
I love the little waterfall. The horse is amazing!
NixBlog said…
Lovely photos and an interesting border effect, Kim.

Thanks for hosting!
Shilpa said…
Beautiful garden and little falls seems like center of attraction. Love the way u composed the pictures... pretty horse! :)
January said…
Hi Ate Kim! My first time here.. I hope to join every week from now on.. Nice photos as usual..:)
The horse is huge indeed. Compared to the horse, the woman looks so small :)
A beautiful place. Beautiful frames too!

I'm very late this week...
Leovi said…
Beautiful photo, nice place in the middle of nature. Idyllic.
Kim, thanks for stopping by to view my Watery photos....and may I take this opportunity to thank you for hosting the weekly meme. Much appreciated as are your lovely photos you share with us each week.

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