Water World Wednesday

As of this time I am enjoying my vacation here in my hometown in the Philippines. 
I like to visit this place in the afternoon. The air is fresh, I see the Panguil Bay and across my hometown is another province called Lanao del Norte. Many like this place and I do believe this because I see few couples here and there, lol!
Arrived last Wednesday and  the next day I see to it I will see my first sunrise. And here it is!


wonderful pics! marvelous! :)
NatureFootstep said…
a place in my taste. :)
Luna Miranda said…
the breakwater looks like a lovers' lane.:p a romantic place to watch the sunset with a beloved.:c)

where is your hometown, Kim?
George said…
I can understand why you like this place so much. The view across the lagoon is beautiful, as is the sunrise and its reflection on the water.
Magnificent pictures! Wonderful place to visit and find beauty and peace!
Thanks for sharing
Cecilia Artista said…
Beautiful place and a beautiful sunrise!
Jim said…
Stunning skies above water.
A romantic place for couples :)
The sunrise is lovely!
Leovi said…
I love all three, excellent marinas. Greetings.
NixBlog said…
Lovely photos, Kim. Enjoy your vacation!
Beautiful scenes Kim....I especially enjoyed the middle image with the boat and the setting sun.
subbu said…
The place is beautiful as well as peaceful! Visiting hometown is always worth memorable and back in memories. Liked the sunrise and Hope u enjoying your stay :)

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