Blogging from Philippines

I arrived in my hometown yesterday after 20 hours of flight. It's been so tiresome I do not have a good sleep nor rest. The food in flight is not so appetizing but had to eat or else I get hungry and starve. The flight is very smooth no turbulence what so ever which is alleluia!!


Ann said…
did I tell you, I was born and grew up in Sibu which sounds like Cebu. We liked to write our address as Cebu.
Sandy said…
Welcome home. Looks like a very foggy morning when you took off. Get some rest.
don said…
Fine shots to document your very long trip home. I can't sleep on airliners either. I like the deep colors in these pictures of the jets.
subbu said…
20 hours is a long journey... Hope you enjoying your stay at hometown. Nice picture and seem misty.

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