Taken at Famous Daves Restaurant.
                                                         They had a very good barbeque, yummy!

                                                            Linking to SIGNS, SIGNS 


Who doesn't like good barbecue!
Julie said…
They honour all 'oil company' cards. I have not seen a sign like this before.
Lesley said…
I hope nobody tries to follow those directional signs!!
Luna Miranda said…
i like the flame trim decor.:p wonderful signs.
Lindy MacDuff said…
Looks like a good "down-home" BBQ place! ;-)
Dianne said…
I love the oil co. credit cards sign
and all the red brick
great shots
Great entry for the signs meme.
don said…
I like locally owned places that bother to do something to make their business unique. These signs point to that kind of attitude. And the food was excellent - always an essential element to a good eating place.
Pat said…
They certainly have great bbq ribs! I like a restaurant that has signs all over the place!
donna said…
I've never been inside a Famous Daves Restaurant, but your photos make me want to stop and take a look around. Oh....and order barbeque, too.

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