Direction please!

This morning hubby and I went for shopping. First we went to a supermarket for some goodies and woman's thing. It turned out that the first address I got from my phone is the main hub of these huge supermarket chain here in San Antonio, so therefore we went to a gasoline station to buy something and of course I insisted we have to ask the cashier about where is the newest supermarket store. My hubby's response oh oh nope we should not ask anybody. Right there and then I remember I read somewhere men don't ask direction, I told him are you kidding me, I would be the one who is going to ask so then I ask the cashier and got the direction. Off we go and after a mile we found HEB supermarket. After grocery shopping, I know hubby had to buy his prescription eye drops at Target and we do not know where Target is in that area, again I ask somebody the direction  to the nearest Target, I got it again and we drove to Target that is only 1/2 mile from the grocery store. What's wrong with men, why they don't ask direction, geez it is easy to ask direction to stranger but for men it's very hard for them to do it. I do not understand a bit!


You are so right Jeanne, men hate asking for directions. They would rather drive around lost! It's just funny.
Thanks for an early morning chuckle.

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