The Body

Hubby and I were at Riverwalk last Saturday it was raining hard so we decided to watch 3d movie. After watching the movie we came out and found this beautiful photo behind the glass. It is straight out of the camera photo. I like the yellowish color that come out because of the light inside the display room.

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Deli said…
Sexy photo :) Thanks for the visit.
Sexy photo and atmosphere :)
Luna Miranda said…
a seductive photo...i wish i ave a body like that! LOL
Leovi said…
Yes, a nice photo, delightfully suggestive. Greetings.
texas_sweetie said…
hi Kim,
thanks sa MYM visit. returning the favor here. that's a pretty good photo even if it's not edited. HAPPY MONDAY!
This picture and his colours are great . A pretty woman :-) Have a nice week.
NixBlog said…
Interesting effects one can obtain by taking photographs of photographs. This is almost a sepia tone effect.
HOOTIN ANNI said…'s pretty. I'll make sure I don't show this to dear hubby, or I won't get much sleep tonight [kidding!]
Marlene said…
The color is so cool in the eyes! I think the lingeries' what makes the photo beautiful. :-)
Ms. Burrito said…
So pretty!

Please come and see the yellows from "It's a Small World" attraction of Disney World.
Eden said…
Love it too, Kim! You always take good photos.
KM said…
ahhhhhh! to have a body like that still remains to be my elusive, far-fetch dream :D

here for MYM :)
Leah H. said…
Super sexy!

Visiting for MYM- hope you can stop by:)

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