Up Close and Personal

                           In our town we still have old huge houses. Here are some of this houses.

                                                               Which one do you like?
                                                       Linking to FRIDAY MY TOWN SHOOT OUT


Kim, I will take the first one, please! I can move in tomorrow! Heehee. It truly is a spectacular house but I might need someone to help me clean it since it is so huge.------------Shannon
Jama said…
Those houses are magnificent, I just love them. Looks like the linky not up yet most quiet a few of us have already posted . Come for a look at my blog.
Kim, USA said…
Hi Shannon, the first house is really huge. Now it is converted to an apartment. I so love to see what is inside since I later know that these is a manor house and some kind of a museum before. ^_^
DawnTreader said…
I like your take on the theme. I think I find the third one least intimidating ;) But if the first one is divided into apartments, I think a share in that would be my first choice! (don't really want a big house)
GingerV said…
I love the first house, I can imagine the type of life that was lived there. The family problaly had at least 5 children, plus grandparents living there - not like today when there is only one or two children and the grandparents have moved to a highrise in florida.
great take on the topic.
Ann said…
Green and red, do they paint the house just for Christmas?

Hi Kim, your new profile photo is very good.
gie said…
photo number two looks soo festive! :) Your photos are soo good! loving them! :)

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