I Love Rice

I am from the Philippines and one of our staple foods is rice. We eat rice almost five times a day. We eat rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In between our snacks is made of glutinous or sticky rice. I love rice just by the smell of rice makes my spirit lift up.
My mother taught me how to cook rice in a young age. I remember we used charcoal to cook rice and viand. I became like a master rice cook because I will only tip my fingers to measure how much water the rice need. There are so many ways to wash the rice but my mother told me, it is only until when the water is clear that it is all right to cook. We also make porridge out of rice. I remember on weekends after an afternoon nap my mother cook porridge and we kids had to eat it before it gets cold. With my porridge, I love to mix it with milk and sugar while my mother is salt. When I came here in the US, the first time hubby bought me is a small rice cooker and a bag of rice. At first, he did not know to cook rice he taught it is very hard but I teach him anyway. Now, every morning I woke up with a rice aroma all over the house and that makes me happy. It is kind of our bonding in the morning because we joke about rice and we laugh about stories that I told him when I was young. What is funny is that with his rice he mixes it with cinnamon and butter or sugar while I go with bacon, fried egg or ham with my rice. I told him that breakfast with rice should be with bacon, fried egg or dried fish but he will not take the idea Hahaha.
I only know at least two ways of cooking rice. I did not know that there are many Rice Recipes. I know some Spanish rice food but I never try to cook it. Today, I was browsing the internet and found the Rice Recipes  website. I was very happy because I can cook it so hubby will eat rice too. He can cook rice but he is not eating rice that much. Now that a Rice recipe is available and ready, online I am excited to try one tomorrow.


George said…
I also like rice very much. I only fix it one or two different ways, but I think it is very good.
Rose said…
Plain old American here, but my hubby was stationed in Okinawa and learned to love fried rice...now we make what we call fried rice...only we only occassionally fry the rice. But we could as much rice as we want, then cut up bacon and fry till crisp...lay on paper towel to drain. Then we dice onion and carrots and bell pepper and saute in the pan with a bit of butter. There is no measurement...just according to taste. Add bacon and vegetables to rice that is done cooking, and we add water chestnuts and baby corn...Hubby likes to add broccoli but even though I like broccoli I don't like it in the rice. Then scramble at least one egg per person and add to rice, too...stir it all up and it is a meal fit for a king! Sometimes after everything is mixed, we do take out some of it and actually fry it...it takes on a different texture and maybe even changes the taste very slightly...I very seldom take the time to do that though.

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