The Best Gift

I have a hard time driving at night. I only felt this for the past few months and I told hubby about it. Last month when the winter start I thought we have plenty of snow but fortunately we do not have. So I do a lot of driving here and there but at night it bothers I and I do not like the feeling. Two weeks ago hubby told me it is about time we need to see a doctor for our eye check up. I remember the last time we had our eye check up was five years ago and both our eye glasses are worn out. Mine broke and hubby has plenty of scratches he does not like driving at night too. But sometime we have to go out at night especially if there is a party with friend or family. But as I remember both our eyeglasses are so cheaply done and we paid so much for it. I told hubby I would not allow that to happen again. I was browsing the internet and happen to fine Zenni Optical. I am amazed of how beautiful there eyeglasses are. Aside from being beautiful the quality is superb and it is affordable. I immediately told hubby about it and he encourage me to look more and if I found one that I like I can order it for my Valentine present. That brings my face to smile this snowy Monday morning.


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