To buy or not to buy

Hubby and I were shopping and window shopping yesterday. We were also sending packages to some friends from out of town and Christmas cards to especial people. At Fedex, we found that to send a small box will be worth $200++ so hubby and I decided to just send it in a the big balikbayan box. After doing it we went shopping for some of my stuff and his stuff then we ended up at the big store for electronics. As I have said it here when the flat screen came out and people are crazy buying it I told hubby we are not going to buy those because after a while many new model will come out and I was right. Now plasma are cheap and lcd and then I found out there is a new one LED LCD what ever it is, when I compare the LED LCD to LCD and  plasma you could see the difference. And besides they already have 60 inches and 70 inches. I said to hubby this is what I want now. By the way it is want not need, lol! So I might stretch the days and months waiting for another model or kind of tv, lol. To continue my story, the LED LCD is too thin it is almost as thin as my laptop!! But frankly speaking I was in love with the LED 60 inches Sharp ($1,399.99)  and the 70 inches LED Sharp ($2,599.99) the difference between the two is a matter of a thousand +++ and hubby said if we are going to haev 7- inches we don't need a wall!!! Can you imagine that I was so in love with the thin flat screen tv and here is hubby said something that made me burst in laughter I couldn't stopped laughing. 
To tell the truth it's my first time that I drool these flat screen tv, because there is only one thing that make me drool CAMERA LENSES!!! YUP  that's it and yesterday the wind came from a different direction and even until this morning my mind is still with the tv!! Can't believe it I was online last night ordering the camera lenses i want and my thoughts is with the tv.
But here is the deal now, hubby and I are thinking of petitioning my brother though we know it will take 20 years for this kind of petition to be done ( so kind of unfair). And in so doing, I want him to adopt my niece and nephew and the lawyer asked him for a whooping 27,000 pesosesoses!! Converted to $$ it would be $600+++ There the deciding moment now.....the flat screen tv or my pamangkin's adoption so when they are legally adopted by my brother I could start my petition for him here in the US. What you think???


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