Will This Flower Survive?

  Went outside and found my flowers were covered with snow. One that I feel pity is this Zinnia who tried to open up but I am not sure if it can since we are experiencing frost every morning and yesterday we had our first snow. My Photo Challenge today!

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Lovely shots, they looks so pretty with snow and ice not them. A shame they can't really thrive in it. The light and crispness of your first is wonderful.
Lui said…
Oh but it will have its time when the seasons change. It is so pretty as it tries to cope with the changing weather!
Luna Miranda said…
a frosted zinnia is lovely still.
have a great weekend.conis
Jama said…
Gorgeous shots!
Liz said…
Fantastic shots!

I played too. Mine is here.
Karin M. said…
.... a fantastic flower, wonderful ...
LG: Karin
Eden said…
The zinnia looks beautiful. Great shots.
great snapshot! the snow looks like a heart laying on the blossom ♥ thanks for this lovely weekend flowers!
Super flotte billeder - farverne er også skønne. En dejlig aften til dig ;-D
I live in South FL...would love to have seasons!
maiylah said…
awww, such a pity!
you caught the moment perfectly!

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